If you wish to attend our events and accredit yourself as a press, please fill out the following form:

IF I AM ACCREDITED AS A PRESS-VIDEO MEDIA, I assume responsibility within the venue and track, taking into account avoiding high-risk areas, and that I am duly insured in the event of an accident, and the organization will not be held responsible if I have not provided truthful information in this regard. . The accredited press must have personal insurance and if they do not have it, they must request it from the organization well in advance before entering the track.
The holder of the accreditation exempts FUERZA LIBRE COMPETICIÓN from any responsibility in the event of an accident. The accreditation is a merely identification document and does not imply being covered by any type of insurance, for which the holder or the medium he represents is solely responsible for the consequences that may arise from its use. The accreditation will be unique and non-transferable. The accreditation will only have value for the requested event and will be subject to validation by FUERZA LIBRE COMPETICIÓN. The media that request press accreditation must fill out the specific form for it. FUERZA LIBRE COMPETICIÓN is the owner of this accreditation and may withdraw it if it considers that its use is not appropriate without prior notice.
The image and public dissemination rights of the events organized by FUERZA LIBRE COMPETICIÓN belong exclusively to the organizer INFINITY RACE S.L. Consequently, it implies for the press media, the express assignment to FUERZA LIBRE COMPETICIÓN of the power to capture, register, commercially manage and disseminate the images of the participating vehicles and their owners who occupy them, under the terms and conditions that they have. for convenient. In no case will FUERZA LIBRE COMPETICIÓN use the images, photos or any digital material taken from the event for commercial purposes, using only the material for promotion and dissemination of the events to be organized or organized by FUERZA LIBRE COMPETICIÓN.
AVISO IMPORTANTE Las fotografías o grabaciones obtenidas por el portador no podrán ser utilizadas de forma alguna para fines comerciales, promocionales o cualquier otro fin (exceptuando el uso privado) sin el previo consentimiento por escrito de Infiny Race S.L. El portador cede en exclusiva a Infinity Race S.L. sus derechos de imagen derivados de su presencia en el evento (en perpetuidad y para todo el mundo) para su explotación a través de cualquier medio y/o soporte y para cualquier finalidad, incluyendo fines comerciales o promocionales. El portador se compromete a no entablar litigio alguno contra Infinity Race S.L.
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