FLC is the organizer of the Drag and Acceleration Championship in Spain, we make sure that both spectators and participants enjoy every second with us. Our tests reside both in Professional Motoring Circuits and in National Airports. Since 2010 Fuerza Libre Competición has been proclaimed as the best Drag Race organization in the country, taking a form of motorsport almost non-existent in our country to today have a National Championship with hundreds of participants from all over Europe. A unique modality that both the public and the participant enjoy for several days in each round of the championship.

In FUERZA LIBRE COMPETICIÓN the pilot will be the protagonist, with the best media team, professional videos, direct monitoring, interviews with pilots before, during and after each test, live broadcasts, prizes, 2 categories dedicated to direct competition, 1 category dedicated to beginners and a category dedicated to the show, where the pilot will have his unique moment to give his best. For the first time a driver will be able to officially participate in 2 categories in the same championship!





FADA - Siglas dcha recortada tansp


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